Monday, May 9, 2011

im worried .

here's the thing .
the grand final competition is around the corner .
But ,
my other teammates are playing around ,
always didn't come to practice session and not getting their head on the team .
It drive me crazy ,
where the hell is the passion guys ,
i miss the old zenith .
that full of passion and spirit ,
if we want to win this .
we need to work hard even harder .
this is not a small thing .
it is a big deal .
we are going to competing with 9 others team .
and they are so good at it ,
they can simply beat us and win the competition .
we don't want that , didn't we ?
and its not easy to go there and perform our routine if we didn't
practice our routine perfectly .
i've sacrifice everything for this competition .
even i've quit from the volleyball team for my collage .
because i want to get my head straight up for the competition .
can't u guys do the same thing ?
im begging u guys .
we need to win this .
its been a long period of time zenith didn't win any competition .
if we can won the competition last time .
and its not impossible to win this again .
we are the first team that won Metro's cheer competition back to 2009 .
if we can did last time .
i bet we can bring back the tittle .
yes we can guys .
i know we can do it .
i know zenith will do whatever it takes to be on top .
right ?
show the spirit guys .
we are on our way to the top .
yes we are .
we don't even have coach to guide us .
we can do by ourselves ,
we just need to go trough this together .
we're in this together .
i love u guys .