Tuesday, January 4, 2011

why im still alive ?

I want to succeed in life , and be a good person also a nice big brother to
give a good example to my little brother and sister .
i want they to be a nice person someday .
but .
i know .
im not good . im not perfect and yeah i dont even give them a good
example all i know i playing around and have a lot of fun .
i dont want them to growing up without male role models
who can help them to think an open mind and maturity .
i was there before .
i am . 
I'm in exaggerated with no male role models .
ya .
i have a father . i do .
but he has a disability and make our interaction is limited
so I grew up with the only example of a woman .
and i dont want my siblings feel the same way as i was before .
im not put the blame on my father .
i still love him .
he's the one who feed us .
give us money and fulfill our needs .
and im so proud of him .
although he was blind, but he can work and provide for our family .
and to you .
my mom .
my heart and soul .
i love you more then what i can tell .
you're my life .
I can not imagine how my life without you .
you're one of the most resilient in the face allegations .
and i adore u ibu !
i want to be just like u !
thanks cause u were always there when i need someone 
to talk and when i need a shoulder to cry on . 
I really appreciate it !
To you my little sister !
" kau ni banyak sangat main-main "
well .
no one can replace you baby !!
To my little brother 
I know we did not go well but the reality is .
i do love u !
maybe its hard for me to express it in terms of feat . .

iloveyouguysmorethanilovemyself !


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