Saturday, January 8, 2011

is it a new chapter of me ?

here i go again .
i'll be away from shah alam .
cause im gonna continue my studies at
KTT bandar baru salak selatan , sepang .
im taking fashion design under UiTM .
yeah its hard .
but that is my passion .
im born to make something creative .
no more business studies .
im gonna make my own clothing store .

but .
this is my 1st tyme been separated from IBU .
ya i do agree .
i am mummy's boy .
and im proud of it .
and i cannot imagine hows my life there without my mum .
its gonna be freaking hard for me .
but .
i need to prove to everyone that i can do it . .
im gonna show to my dad that i can do it . .
i can make a change .
i can be on my own .
i can be somebody someday .

i'll be missing everyone here .
including my cats and my pandanus trees .
but .
i'll try my best to be ok there .
ktt here i come .

i'll update more bout my new life soon . .

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