Saturday, January 22, 2011


its killing me !
i wanna a break up ok . .
please let me go .
im done with u .
its getting bored over here .
enough with all the pains .
its hurting me so bad
i cant take it anymore .

i dont want u anymore .
and i dont want us to be together .
dont put the burden on me !
i cant handle it anymore .
its always me to feel the pain .
again and again and again .

i dont feel the LOVE anymore .
and i cant find any light that can torch our rapport .
and i dont think that u care bout us .
if u do care .
please .
show it .
but u never did .
and make me off one's trolley .

u always complain that im always mad at you
but . .
have u ever think about the tail ?
never right ?
and u're always quoth that its all your fault and never make a change .
u know that u were wrong but u just let it be and never try to fix it .
come on la .
u an adult .
u have a brain please think bie !
please !
iloveyou and i dont what to loose u . .
but .
u make me want to go away from ur life .
u make me suffer .
and u make me look like an idiot !

please change . .
this is the last and final leeway .
and please take this for good !
i love you . .
and dont make me change my mind !

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