Monday, May 9, 2011

im worried .

here's the thing .
the grand final competition is around the corner .
But ,
my other teammates are playing around ,
always didn't come to practice session and not getting their head on the team .
It drive me crazy ,
where the hell is the passion guys ,
i miss the old zenith .
that full of passion and spirit ,
if we want to win this .
we need to work hard even harder .
this is not a small thing .
it is a big deal .
we are going to competing with 9 others team .
and they are so good at it ,
they can simply beat us and win the competition .
we don't want that , didn't we ?
and its not easy to go there and perform our routine if we didn't
practice our routine perfectly .
i've sacrifice everything for this competition .
even i've quit from the volleyball team for my collage .
because i want to get my head straight up for the competition .
can't u guys do the same thing ?
im begging u guys .
we need to win this .
its been a long period of time zenith didn't win any competition .
if we can won the competition last time .
and its not impossible to win this again .
we are the first team that won Metro's cheer competition back to 2009 .
if we can did last time .
i bet we can bring back the tittle .
yes we can guys .
i know we can do it .
i know zenith will do whatever it takes to be on top .
right ?
show the spirit guys .
we are on our way to the top .
yes we are .
we don't even have coach to guide us .
we can do by ourselves ,
we just need to go trough this together .
we're in this together .
i love u guys .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

what should i do . i love you .

at last .

i found my mr. perfect .

but .

i cant be with him .

he has girlfriend .

and the best part is .

he's in love with my friend .

can see right how hurt is my feeling .

well .

i'll try to pretend that im ok with it . . .

and i'll try to forget my feelings toward him .


its hard for me

i just cant .

i like him .

and im started to feel something

love is starting to bloom .

mmmm . . .

what should i do . .

p/s : please find me DORAEMON !

Sunday, February 27, 2011

after 2 years of my cheerleading passion

i had a leg injuries and others . .
its kinda hurt . .
hahaha. . .
its still hurting me cause i cant rlly make a move. . .
urgghh . . .
but its ok . . .
kalo x nak sakit xpyh jadi cheerleader. . .

and one more thing. . .
2day .
im cheering without my main flyer .
zaa eyzaa .
its felt odd .
when she's not on the met with Me and the other team members .
yup . .
i hate it so much . .
i rlly want her to cheer with me .
and i hope after this she'll be with us again . .
but its ok . .
she was there and give us support .


Sunday, February 13, 2011

perlu ka ?

yup .
i still love you .
but ,
im done .
no more chance .
i cant handle to be hurt again and again and again and again !
im done with ur game .
also your dick .
bye bye

Saturday, January 22, 2011


its killing me !
i wanna a break up ok . .
please let me go .
im done with u .
its getting bored over here .
enough with all the pains .
its hurting me so bad
i cant take it anymore .

i dont want u anymore .
and i dont want us to be together .
dont put the burden on me !
i cant handle it anymore .
its always me to feel the pain .
again and again and again .

i dont feel the LOVE anymore .
and i cant find any light that can torch our rapport .
and i dont think that u care bout us .
if u do care .
please .
show it .
but u never did .
and make me off one's trolley .

u always complain that im always mad at you
but . .
have u ever think about the tail ?
never right ?
and u're always quoth that its all your fault and never make a change .
u know that u were wrong but u just let it be and never try to fix it .
come on la .
u an adult .
u have a brain please think bie !
please !
iloveyou and i dont what to loose u . .
but .
u make me want to go away from ur life .
u make me suffer .
and u make me look like an idiot !

please change . .
this is the last and final leeway .
and please take this for good !
i love you . .
and dont make me change my mind !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

is it a new chapter of me ?

here i go again .
i'll be away from shah alam .
cause im gonna continue my studies at
KTT bandar baru salak selatan , sepang .
im taking fashion design under UiTM .
yeah its hard .
but that is my passion .
im born to make something creative .
no more business studies .
im gonna make my own clothing store .

but .
this is my 1st tyme been separated from IBU .
ya i do agree .
i am mummy's boy .
and im proud of it .
and i cannot imagine hows my life there without my mum .
its gonna be freaking hard for me .
but .
i need to prove to everyone that i can do it . .
im gonna show to my dad that i can do it . .
i can make a change .
i can be on my own .
i can be somebody someday .

i'll be missing everyone here .
including my cats and my pandanus trees .
but .
i'll try my best to be ok there .
ktt here i come .

i'll update more bout my new life soon . .

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

why im still alive ?

I want to succeed in life , and be a good person also a nice big brother to
give a good example to my little brother and sister .
i want they to be a nice person someday .
but .
i know .
im not good . im not perfect and yeah i dont even give them a good
example all i know i playing around and have a lot of fun .
i dont want them to growing up without male role models
who can help them to think an open mind and maturity .
i was there before .
i am . 
I'm in exaggerated with no male role models .
ya .
i have a father . i do .
but he has a disability and make our interaction is limited
so I grew up with the only example of a woman .
and i dont want my siblings feel the same way as i was before .
im not put the blame on my father .
i still love him .
he's the one who feed us .
give us money and fulfill our needs .
and im so proud of him .
although he was blind, but he can work and provide for our family .
and to you .
my mom .
my heart and soul .
i love you more then what i can tell .
you're my life .
I can not imagine how my life without you .
you're one of the most resilient in the face allegations .
and i adore u ibu !
i want to be just like u !
thanks cause u were always there when i need someone 
to talk and when i need a shoulder to cry on . 
I really appreciate it !
To you my little sister !
" kau ni banyak sangat main-main "
well .
no one can replace you baby !!
To my little brother 
I know we did not go well but the reality is .
i do love u !
maybe its hard for me to express it in terms of feat . .

iloveyouguysmorethanilovemyself !


Monday, January 3, 2011

tyra banks

She's a model and she's a host of her on Talk show



i love her job . . 

her picture.  .

i dont know what to say more. . .

but here is the picture. . 

so take a look . .

and make ur own opinion . .



here we go . .

Tahnee is the winner of Australia's next top model season 5 . .

she have a very nice look . .

fresh and sophisticated figure . .

have a long and sexy curve . .

so .

there is no more slim and slander . . .

what i like about her the most is . .

she know how to work her body and how to give a different

emotion to every and each photos  .

she's not a typical modal that have a straight runway walk and what should i say ?

have a small body shape but still

she have her own signature walk

she can manage and know how to strike a pose and

make the picture look more editorial .

she can do commercial and also high fashion  .

and that have prove that Tahnee is a very versatile model .

Tahnee know how to work it in every photo shoot in the ANTM

but . .

there is also a hard time for her .

well not everyone is perfect .

but tahnee is a quick learner ,  she did learned from her mistake 

and try to improve her self in every single photo shoot .

so .

here is bunch of tahnee's photos so . .

check it out guys. . 

she's good !!

immovable and secure

60's and seductive 

high fashion

runway walk

her hot and sexy walk

winning picture

her beginning picture

startle momment

editorial and high fashion

new and fresh look

what do u think ?

sterling beauty     


strong and confidence 

*ok done.
she got what it takes to be a top model . .
she's good. . .

p/s : there will be more updates about fashion . . but . . im more to modeling . so wait fot the next feed. . .

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year ?

shitt. . .
i hate it !!
so much