Thursday, October 14, 2010

what happen to us.

u know what ?
i dont know what to say !
this is to much .
i miss the old u .
friendship .
i thought u are my guardian angel .
cause u always there when i need someone to talk too .
i dont know what happen .
i sayang u as my friend and yup as a brother .
but now .everything goes wrong .
i dont know what to do .
if that is my fault .
im so sorry .
im bagging u an apologies .
im sorry dude .
i will always love u .
and i believe in 2nd chance .
my love .
why u do this to me .
i want the old u .
the one who be there when i need u the most .
the one who love me with full of your heart .
i need u .
and now when i need u .
u never there !
u .
please tell me if u dont need me , if u dont even want me .
i can deal with it .
cause if u're not happy with me i can let u go .
im ok with that .
im happy when u're happy .
but if im not that person anymore .
u can go and find the on that can make u happy .
BestFriendForEver .
si sepet si tembam si labu ayok .
thanx babe cause kau telah kembali kat aq .
mmg da lama kau x cntct aq .
thnx sgt cause kau da kembali seperti dulu .
thnx cause dgr masalah aq and try to help me !
and .
all the memories well never vanish in my mind .
cause all the journey that I've treasure is the best thing that i ever did .
that is why u are my bff .
thanx sayangsss......
aq xkan lupakan mcm mana kita punya 1st jumpa !!
haha . kelakar seyh . and and kejadian dalam taxi !
aq syangg kau la .
i love you bff !

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Anonymous said...

ommm . so sweet <3 !