Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is what happen when u still awake at 5.30 am !

this is my 3rd post for today !! haha . well ya !! i dont have anyone to talk too . so why dont i just wrote my stpd thing here .
ok look . i miss cheer ! i dont wanna dance . i want to cheer and go to the cheer comp not a dance out comp . i do admit . i love dancing but now my passion is on cheering . i wanna be the best among the good ! so i need to work harder . now . zenith da bercantum kembali .Bold

yang lama ok without any trash ! haha . and ya we're bounding each other back like was before .
now i can here all the laughter and all the shit that can brighten up my day . i love you guys so much ! and yeah i need u guys to continue my journey and to fulfill our dream ! one team one mission one voice TEAMMATES ! we can do it guys !

there is a cheerleading competition will be held on 12th and 19th of December organised by rabels one of the toughest cheeleading team in Malaysia ! B-O-L-E-H Malaysia boleh !btw i want to congratulate to all the Malaysia 's athletes that have been so wonderful on the sport event this month ! thnx for all your scarification in other to make Malaysia one of the toughest country on earth ! cause WE ARE ! hee .

back to the topic ! ok zenith we need to start practice for the rabels competition and we need to make sure that we do our best ok sayang !
ZENITH lets dig it ! jumps to the top . pop make it hot .ZENITH here we come !

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