Thursday, October 14, 2010

full of mess.

haha. yup . its all full of mess . my life are kinda sucks lately . yup . i don't know what happen . is like everybody have problem with me . am i doing something wrong ? just tell me in the face la . dont talk a bout me behind my back . that are so not cool . haha . and i think i can handle the situation . yup . as long as i still have ibu , puteri , faryda , and all my good friends .
ya . i can handle it , like what an adult should be .
bout study pulak . well everyone know that im studying at ptptl's shah alam . ya . biz. management (dpg) hahaha . study mcm x study je bak kata syam and eyzaa .
family ?
yaaa . well im not the anymore . u know what i mean . its ok . im not gonna live here forever . im gonna have my own family in the future . so . ya . i dont mind . u can love anyone alse . its ok bye me .
money ?
well . duet gaji ku sudah habis . haha . im broked seyh .
love ?
i give u a bulllllssshhhittt ! menypo sahaja love love nyh . haha .
cheerleading .
well . zenith kan x bole masuk banyak comp so msk jea la mana yang bole and kami dalam perbincangan dengan pihak sekolah for zenith all-boys . so bole la masuk national next year . walaupun aq x bole msk janji zenith masuk . haha . and now zenith banyak meneryma oersembahan for dance , haha . kami sapu jea semua . and 23th oct nnt ade perfomance kat club golf sek 13 for anak anak yatim . haha .

ok then da pernat menaip . bye bye ! hee..

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