Friday, October 22, 2010

what the hell

6 . 30 pm... im still awake..

Friday, October 15, 2010

zenith's main flyer .

. Nur Izzah Afiqah bte Ariffin .
permulaan nya die bercheer bersama zenith untuk sekolah tetapi hajat nya tidak kesampaian kerana pihak sekolah tidak membenarkan nya bercheer . ye la kan . batas pergaulan katanya .
tetapi eyzaa/zaa telah bertekad utk menjadi cheerleader yg sejati . haha . dye menuruskan bidang cheer nya bersama kami ! and and . dye telah menjadi main flyer dlam zenith kerana dye mmg fly lawa plus ringan ! and also dye mmg berbakat ! well not everyone can handle their self when up in the air ! zaa mmg hebat ! kami meneruskan perjalanan kami bertanding di dlam macam macam pertandingan cheerleader ! and and ya ! zaa teros menjadi flyer yg hebat ! thnx zaa sebab terus berbakti untuk zenith . ye la . dalam ramai ramai nyh dye la yg paling banyak saket da kene macam macam . sampai hilang ingatan utk lebeh dari 2 hary ! haha .
tp zaa mmg kuat ! sbb ya ! dye mempunyai keazaman yang amat kuat ! and ya walaupun dye nk spm this year dye still active and yang paling setia dalam zenith . dye tak pernak lepas daripada mana mana comp ! Nur Izzah Afiqah im proud of u ! ZENITH LOVE YOU ZAA !

Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is what happen when u still awake at 5.30 am !

this is my 3rd post for today !! haha . well ya !! i dont have anyone to talk too . so why dont i just wrote my stpd thing here .
ok look . i miss cheer ! i dont wanna dance . i want to cheer and go to the cheer comp not a dance out comp . i do admit . i love dancing but now my passion is on cheering . i wanna be the best among the good ! so i need to work harder . now . zenith da bercantum kembali .Bold

yang lama ok without any trash ! haha . and ya we're bounding each other back like was before .
now i can here all the laughter and all the shit that can brighten up my day . i love you guys so much ! and yeah i need u guys to continue my journey and to fulfill our dream ! one team one mission one voice TEAMMATES ! we can do it guys !

there is a cheerleading competition will be held on 12th and 19th of December organised by rabels one of the toughest cheeleading team in Malaysia ! B-O-L-E-H Malaysia boleh !btw i want to congratulate to all the Malaysia 's athletes that have been so wonderful on the sport event this month ! thnx for all your scarification in other to make Malaysia one of the toughest country on earth ! cause WE ARE ! hee .

back to the topic ! ok zenith we need to start practice for the rabels competition and we need to make sure that we do our best ok sayang !
ZENITH lets dig it ! jumps to the top . pop make it hot .ZENITH here we come !

what happen to us.

u know what ?
i dont know what to say !
this is to much .
i miss the old u .
friendship .
i thought u are my guardian angel .
cause u always there when i need someone to talk too .
i dont know what happen .
i sayang u as my friend and yup as a brother .
but now .everything goes wrong .
i dont know what to do .
if that is my fault .
im so sorry .
im bagging u an apologies .
im sorry dude .
i will always love u .
and i believe in 2nd chance .
my love .
why u do this to me .
i want the old u .
the one who be there when i need u the most .
the one who love me with full of your heart .
i need u .
and now when i need u .
u never there !
u .
please tell me if u dont need me , if u dont even want me .
i can deal with it .
cause if u're not happy with me i can let u go .
im ok with that .
im happy when u're happy .
but if im not that person anymore .
u can go and find the on that can make u happy .
BestFriendForEver .
si sepet si tembam si labu ayok .
thanx babe cause kau telah kembali kat aq .
mmg da lama kau x cntct aq .
thnx sgt cause kau da kembali seperti dulu .
thnx cause dgr masalah aq and try to help me !
and .
all the memories well never vanish in my mind .
cause all the journey that I've treasure is the best thing that i ever did .
that is why u are my bff .
thanx sayangsss......
aq xkan lupakan mcm mana kita punya 1st jumpa !!
haha . kelakar seyh . and and kejadian dalam taxi !
aq syangg kau la .
i love you bff !

full of mess.

haha. yup . its all full of mess . my life are kinda sucks lately . yup . i don't know what happen . is like everybody have problem with me . am i doing something wrong ? just tell me in the face la . dont talk a bout me behind my back . that are so not cool . haha . and i think i can handle the situation . yup . as long as i still have ibu , puteri , faryda , and all my good friends .
ya . i can handle it , like what an adult should be .
bout study pulak . well everyone know that im studying at ptptl's shah alam . ya . biz. management (dpg) hahaha . study mcm x study je bak kata syam and eyzaa .
family ?
yaaa . well im not the anymore . u know what i mean . its ok . im not gonna live here forever . im gonna have my own family in the future . so . ya . i dont mind . u can love anyone alse . its ok bye me .
money ?
well . duet gaji ku sudah habis . haha . im broked seyh .
love ?
i give u a bulllllssshhhittt ! menypo sahaja love love nyh . haha .
cheerleading .
well . zenith kan x bole masuk banyak comp so msk jea la mana yang bole and kami dalam perbincangan dengan pihak sekolah for zenith all-boys . so bole la masuk national next year . walaupun aq x bole msk janji zenith masuk . haha . and now zenith banyak meneryma oersembahan for dance , haha . kami sapu jea semua . and 23th oct nnt ade perfomance kat club golf sek 13 for anak anak yatim . haha .

ok then da pernat menaip . bye bye ! hee..